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Translation of await in Spanish

to await     aguardar    ; esperar    

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to wait for, await aguardar

On Thursday I have an appointment. If there is no other way, I'll move it. Can you meet on Tuesday, April 11, anyway? I suggest 10.30 in the morning, but I'm fairly flexible, so noon is good too.
I hope that I will have time to go skiing. Maybe it is even better to go at the end of the season. The doctor, however, did not give his diagnosis yet. If I cannot go I will have to find an alternative.
I'm from England and am learning German. Maybe we can share tips and tricks. How's your level? If you want to practice together, we can make voice over IP calls and write letters and correct each other.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of await   [ awaited, awaited ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of aguardar
aguardo  aguardas  aguarda  aguardamos  aguardáis  aguardan  aguardaba  aguardabas  aguardaba  aguardábamos  aguardabais  aguardaban  aguardé  aguardaste  aguardó  aguardamos  aguardasteis  aguardaron  aguardaré  aguardarás  aguardará  aguardaremos  aguardaréis  aguardarán 
Conjugation of esperar
espero  esperas  espera  esperamos  esperáis  esperan  esperaba  esperabas  esperaba  esperábamos  esperabais  esperaban  esperé  esperaste  esperó  esperamos  esperasteis  esperaron  esperaré  esperarás  esperará  esperaremos  esperaréis  esperarán