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Translation of be quiet in Spanish

to be quiet      callarse     

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And I think it is really good idea for us to writing with each other in Spanish or English. however i am still beginner for Spanish learning. It seems still impossible for me to writing to you in Spanish. But i hope i can do it soon.
You don't speak Russian? It's not so easy to speak this. I think, my English isn't very strong at all. But I hope to improve once I have the chance to write someone whose mother language is English...
The type of exercise was new to me and I think it worked great. How are things in your country and in your city? Do you also have Thanksgiving holidays? I enjoy my free time at home with my kids.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of callarse
[me callado]
me callo  te callas  se calla  nos callamos  os calláis  se callan  me callaba  te callabas  se callaba  nos callábamos  os callabais  se callaban  me callé  te callaste  se calló  nos callamos  os callasteis  se callaron  me callaré  te callarás  se callará  nos callaremos  os callaréis  se callarán