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Translation of Belgium in Spanish

Belgium     Bélgica    

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Sample sentences:
The Netherlands have borders with Belgium and Germany.

Los Países Bajos tienen fronteras con Bélgica y Alemania.
Brussels is the capital of Belgium. Bruselas es la capital de Bélgica.
The variety of the Dutch language spoken in Belgium is called Flemish. Se llama flamenco a la variedad de la lengua holandesa que se habla en Bélgica.
Belgium Bélgica

It was really depressing, it seemed to be like being in the army where you are forced to get up in the middle of the night. Anyway, I do not like the winter in the city as much as I like it in the alps.
The writer describes this situation by putting the persons into a natural environment. On one side there was no shade and there weren't any trees, he says. This description can be interpreted.
El calafate airport was a mess. The airport was as big as a hotel lobby, but packed with people and all the luggage came at the same time in the same place. An officer checked the baggage receipt to avoid theft.
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