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Translation of blonde in Spanish

blonde     rubio    

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Sample sentences:
His wife is a blue-eyed blonde.

Su esposa es una rubia de ojos azules.
She dyes her dark hair to be a blonde. Ella se tiñe su pelo oscuro para estar rubia.
For her birthday, the girl wanted a blonde doll with lots of dresses. Para su cumpleaños, la niña quería una muñeca rubia con montones de vestidos.
blonde/fair rubio
blonde rubio(a)

Since Joseph is convinced of the coming success, he suggests to leave the machine in Canada for another 2 months (at no cost of course!). I think that they learned a lot through your project.
I interpret this as follows: It reflects the calm life without any hectic atmosphere. The life that these two are looking for (like they did before) is far away: Far away, beyond the river.
We returned before dusk, as we were afraid of not finding our ship in the dark. Once on the ship we decided to go for night swimming again in the open ocean. A few women on little boats approached us.
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