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Translation of blow in Spanish

to blow     soplar    

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Sample sentences:
He was groggy after the blow he had received during the fight.

Estaba atontado después del golpe que recibió durante la pelea.
After the blow she felt her head whirl. Después del golpe sintió que su cabeza daba vueltas.
Children love to blow out candles on their birthdays. A los niños les encanta soplar las velas en su cumpleaños.
a blow, a punch un golpe
to blow out apagar

All sorts of people were sitting in the restaurant, locals as well as foreigners. One could see that the city had some modern places too and that it was not the Vietnam we had imagined.
It might be that after all the view and the atmosphere could had been spectacular if we were the only one on this temple and experiencing a great sunset on this huge structure. But is was not.
We exchanged numbers and they offered that we should contact them once we'd arrive to the capital. After dinner we bought some chocolate in one of the many stores, but it was not tasty, compared to Swiss chocolate.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of blow   [ blew, blown ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of soplar
soplo  soplas  sopla  soplamos  sopláis  soplan  soplaba  soplabas  soplaba  soplábamos  soplabais  soplaban  soplé  soplaste  sopló  soplamos  soplasteis  soplaron  soplaré  soplarás  soplará  soplaremos  soplaréis  soplarán