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Translation of burp in Spanish

to burp     eructar    
the burp     eructo    

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Sample sentences:
In our society burping in public means bad manners.

En nuestra sociedad eructar en público implica malos modales.

If you want to learn, you need milestones, so that you can plan your learning curve. Together, we will decide on 3-4 days, where we will study intensely. Perhaps your German will get a little bit better by then.
Until now I have tried the copy the mode of operation of Mike in class. Even the homework that they gave us do not match the exercise that we tried yesterday. I could not fulfill this task anyway.
I have made an internship at a law office, but just for two months. Their salary is really bad. Now to my promise to correct your long message. You need to say: 'On Friday' not 'At Friday'.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of eructar
eructo  eructas  eructa  eructamos  eructáis  eructan  eructaba  eructabas  eructaba  eructábamos  eructabais  eructaban  eructé  eructaste  eructó  eructamos  eructasteis  eructaron  eructaré  eructarás  eructará  eructaremos  eructaréis  eructarán