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Translation of center in Spanish

to center     centrar    
the center     el centro    ; el medio    ; la central    

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Sample sentences:
There is a big plaza in the center of the town.

En el centro de la ciudad hay una gran plaza.
White men explored the center of Africa in the XIX century. Los hombres blancos exploran el centro de África en el siglo XIX.
The best is to visit the town center on foot. Lo mejor es ir al centro de la ciudad a pie.
shopping center centro comercial

Our day came to an end and Samu brought us back to the hotel. We agreed to take a ride with him one more time and that was on the way to the airport. We took his cellphone number just in case.
I hope you can understand my English. I want to study English over the Internet! Sorry for not having written you during the last few days, but I am starting a new job on Monday and gotta relax till than.
After a while a truck drove by. The driver offered us a ride on the back of the truck. We jumped in. A little later we were back in the hotel, exhausted and hungry. It was time for another great meal.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of center   [ centered, centered ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of centrar
centro  centras  centra  centramos  centráis  centran  centraba  centrabas  centraba  centrábamos  centrabais  centraban  centré  centraste  centró  centramos  centrasteis  centraron  centraré  centrarás  centrará  centraremos  centraréis  centrarán