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Translation of cluck in Spanish

to cluck     cloquear    

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it was very hot and very cool and very long. I will go to Mallorca at the end of June only for a week... but it is enough.... the sun, beach and water, coast... uuuhhh. For my job I use German and English language.
Just as we finished exploring the temple and were about to leave the big tourist buses arrived. We listened to a Cambodian song played by a group of handicapped musicians and left to see other sites.
Instead, we gave him one of our Swiss chocolates as a gift so he would leave us alone. It worked: the boy went to the couple sitting next to us and tried to sell our Swiss chocolate for 2 Pesos.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of cluck   [ clucked, clucked ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of cloquear
cloqueo  cloqueas  cloquea  cloqueamos  cloqueáis  cloquean  cloqueaba  cloqueabas  cloqueaba  cloqueábamos  cloqueabais  cloqueaban  cloqueé  cloqueaste  cloqueó  cloqueamos  cloqueasteis  cloquearon  cloquearé  cloquearás  cloqueará  cloquearemos  cloquearéis  cloquearán