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Translation of combine in Spanish

to combine     combinar    ; juntar    

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Sample sentences:
Bill tried to combine his meetings in order to have them all the same day.

Bill trató de combinar sus reuniones con el fin de tenerlas todas el mismo día.

I hope you can understand the corrections this way... Two small errors. let me know if there is a word or sentence or phrase that you didn't understand! I will try to think more on the "since" question...
Just as we finished exploring the temple and were about to leave the big tourist buses arrived. We listened to a Cambodian song played by a group of handicapped musicians and left to see other sites.
In the end, the taxi dropped us also at their hotel (Hotel Monarca): Three stars, rooms available, hot water, a decent breakfast, free Internet and 2$ more expensive then our hostel.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of combine   [ combined, combined ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of combinar
combino  combinas  combina  combinamos  combináis  combinan  combinaba  combinabas  combinaba  combinábamos  combinabais  combinaban  combiné  combinaste  combinó  combinamos  combinasteis  combinaron  combinaré  combinarás  combinará  combinaremos  combinaréis  combinarán 
Conjugation of juntar
junto  juntas  junta  juntamos  juntáis  juntan  juntaba  juntabas  juntaba  juntábamos  juntabais  juntaban  junté  juntaste  juntó  juntamos  juntasteis  juntaron  juntaré  juntarás  juntará  juntaremos  juntaréis  juntarán