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Translation of dam in Spanish

to dam     embalsar    
the dam     el dique    
the dam     el malecón    

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Sample sentences:
Holland has reclaimed land from the sea by building dykes and dams.

Holanda le ha ganado terreno al mar mediante la construcción de diques y represas.
What you see in the water is a dam built by beavers. Lo que ves en el agua es una presa construida por castores.

Food was excellent, but unfortunately my wife could not eat it as it came with too much curry and she is sensitive to it. We were very tired and returned to the hotel around eleven o'clock.
They were floating in self made tubs and rowed with sticks. When they reached our boat they tried to sell us beverage. We vigorously denied them access to our boat. It just did not help.
The same night we went to a great restaurant in town (near the main street). We met a very friendly couple in their fifties from Buenos Aires. They told us many interesting stories about Argentina.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of dam   [ dammed, dammed ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of embalsar
embalso  embalsas  embalsa  embalsamos  embalsáis  embalsan  embalsaba  embalsabas  embalsaba  embalsábamos  embalsabais  embalsaban  embalsé  embalsaste  embalsó  embalsamos  embalsasteis  embalsaron  embalsaré  embalsarás  embalsará  embalsaremos  embalsaréis  embalsarán