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Translation of devastate in Spanish

to devastate     arrasar    ; devastar    

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Sample sentences:
We are organizing humanitarian help for the country devastated by floods.

Estamos organizando ayuda humanitaria para el país devastado por las inundaciones.
She was devastated because she had had a miscarriage. Ella estaba devastada porque había tenido un aborto espontáneo.
to destroy; to devastate arrasar
to devastate arrasar

After dinner we walked back and saw some interesting sites and shops on the way. Everything was quite impressive, as always in a new country. We entered the hotel and took an elevator to our room.
Once at the top we asked ourselves what this was all about. The site from the top was beautiful but it lacked atmosphere and the sunset was not that spectacular at all in our opinion.
From there you also had a good view of the famous Llao Llao Hotel. We took some photos, drank a coffee and ate a cake, before descending with the lift. On the way back to Bariloche we stopped at a few spots.
Most common translations: directorate    displeasure    dominate    drone    easy    elimination    enemy    eraser    excellence    expressive   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of devastate   [ devastated, devastated ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of arrasar
arraso  arrasas  arrasa  arrasamos  arrasáis  arrasan  arrasaba  arrasabas  arrasaba  arrasábamos  arrasabais  arrasaban  arrasé  arrasaste  arrasó  arrasamos  arrasasteis  arrasaron  arrasaré  arrasarás  arrasará  arrasaremos  arrasaréis  arrasarán 
Conjugation of devastar
devasto  devastas  devasta  devastamos  devastáis  devastan  devastaba  devastabas  devastaba  devastábamos  devastabais  devastaban  devasté  devastaste  devastó  devastamos  devastasteis  devastaron  devastaré  devastarás  devastará  devastaremos  devastaréis  devastarán