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Translation of dice in Spanish

the dice     el dado    

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Sample sentences:
It's your turn to throw the dice.

Es tu turno de tirar los dados.

Thanks for the message. I hope that your friend here in England will soon be feeling better. If you decide to come at another time, I would be very pleased to meet you here. You can sleep at my place.
Usually we write these messages twice a week. We also have a fanpage in Spanish where we need to write short messages. It is actually pretty boring but people respond to it. Don't ask me why they are doing it.
What are you doing? I'm at work. It is so boring and my boss is not here. Yesterday I was here until midnight, because we had problems with the PC system. Then we ordered pizza and a few beers.
Most common translations: discontent    distraction    dovecot    dump    effectiveness    embryonic    ensemble    estrange    exhaustion    extremity