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Translation of disappear in Spanish

to disappear     desaparecer    

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Sample sentences:
Tribal traditions are disappearing fast.

Las tradiciones tribales están desapareciendo rápidamente.
The big dinosaurs disappeared from Earth millions of years ago. Los grandes dinosaurios desaparecieron de la tierra hace millones de años.
Fawns have white spots on their back that disappear as they grow. Los cervatillos tienen manchas blancas en el lomo que desaparecen a medida que crecen.
disappear desaparecer

The first day in a new place is always a little strange. One has to get used to the new environment. I believe that the more someone tries to adapt the faster he gets used to new spots and new people.
From that day on we shared dinner. In addition, I explained them, that the reasons for coming to Cuba was photography and the Spanish language, which I wanted to improve after studying for a year.
I packed my belongings and went looking for my friend. I informed her about the situation and we left the island together. On the ferry she told me about the different travel options that I would have.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of disappear   [ disappeared, disappeared ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of desaparecer
desaparezco  desapareces  desaparece  desaparecemos  desaparecéis  desaparecen  desaparecía  desaparecías  desaparecía  desaparecíamos  desaparecíais  desaparecían  desaparecí  desapareciste  desapareció  desaparecimos  desaparecisteis  desaparecieron  desapareceré  desaparecerás  desaparecerá  desapareceremos  desapareceréis  desaparecerán