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Translation of distrust in Spanish

to distrust     desconfiar    
the distrust     la desconfianza    

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We were a little worried about the entry to Vietnam because regulations specifically mentioned to leave two blank pages in the passport for the Visa stamp and my wife's passport was full.
Hi! Thank you for your invitation and for your very kind messages. I'm sorry but it is very late here and I prefer to write you tomorrow. When is the best time to chat? See you later than.
The next day we decided to spend on the other side of the mountain range (antiplano), in Bolivia. We didn't have the courage to drive deep into Bolivia, as everyone told us about the bad infrastructure and condition there.
Most common translations: downright    durable    eggplant    emissary    entertainer    ethics    exist    eyelid    favorable    fifty   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of distrust   [ distrusted, distrusted ]