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Translation of download in Spanish

to download     descargar    

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Sample sentences:
I downloaded a new Internet browser because I was told it was faster.

Descargué un nuevo navegador de Internet porque me dijeron que era más rápido.
to lower, or download bajar

I love it during vacation and being in the mountains. There it is like being in a dreamland. Everything is covered with snow and is bright and white. You get up at eight in the morning for breakfast.
Seldom only do such incidents occur, thank God, but the fact is that these incidents, which are started by a relatively small group, need to have a broader support among others in order to exist.
I was surprised that he charged 5 dollars extra (a total of fifteen instead of ten), because he had to take us to three different locations. I did not buy the whole thing and gave him ten bucks.
Most common translations: duodenum    egg    eminence    enterprising    ethic    exiguous    eyeglass    fauna    fifth    flatterer   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of download   [ downloaded, downloaded ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of descargar
descargo  descargas  descarga  descargamos  descargáis  descargan  descargaba  descargabas  descargaba  descargábamos  descargabais  descargaban  descargué  descargaste  descargó  descargamos  descargasteis  descargaron  descargaré  descargarás  descargará  descargaremos  descargaréis  descargarán