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Translation of dread in Spanish

to dread     temer    
the dread     el miedo    ; el pavor    ; el horror    ; el temor    

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It would be an advantage if you could send it via DHL, UPS or another Currier, because the parcel was lost once when we sent it with regular mail. Please send me a reference number after you send it.
To grow from there was the right decision. That means that I should find the decision makers of predefined websites, and do not need to search the Web for potential buyers generally.
Right now I'm looking for a new job. Actually, I feel good, although I've had a cold for a few days. I can not get past autumn without catching a cold and I cough usually until spring.
Most common translations: eagerness    election    enchantment    ephemeral    everywhere    expert    fairy    feel    find out    floor   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of temer
temo  temes  teme  tememos  teméis  temen  temía  temías  temía  temíamos  temíais  temían  temí  temiste  temió  temimos  temisteis  temieron  temeré  temerás  temerá  temeremos  temeréis  temerán