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Translation of east in Spanish

the east      el este     

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Sample sentences:
He acts as a UN watcher in the Middle East.

Actúa como observador de UN en el Medio Oriente.
New York city is located on the east coast of the United States. La ciudad de Nueva York está situada en la costa oriental de los Estados Unidos.
Ships still have to beware of pirates on the east coast of Africa. Los buques todavía tienen que tener cuidado con los piratas en la costa oriental de África.
in the east en el este
the east el oriente

I was never there but I heard that the night life is very exiting. I am going to Amsterdam next year with my uncle. He will return to his house where he was born. I think to come to germany next year but I don have any idea
The city seemed to be small but busy and many building were new. It looked like a third world country village with four and five star hotels. The infrastructure was still bad, but one could see development.
I think I have to switch back to English. It will take me two years until I write an entire letter in German and I suppose I do not have the time for it. Does that mean that I am not serious about learning?
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