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Translation of else in Spanish

else     si no    

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Sample sentences:
They talk to each other in a lingo that no-one else understands.

Hablan entre sí en una jerga que nadie más comprende.
Does the missy want something else? ¿La señorita quiere algo más?
He scrammed while I was talking with someone else. Él se largó mientras yo estaba hablando con otra persona.
Anything else? ¿Algo más?
more/else más

After this strange stop we moved on to the city center where he left me. I was on my own now and started to explore the little streets of the old center. It was packed with international visitors.
I have been there once for vacation, but I was too little. It was twelve years ago, when I was still a child. I went there with mom and dad and all I cared about is beach and sand, no culture.
You come to a point where you have seen just enough, loved it and are ready to move on. It was one more ugly train ride to Hanoi. The train started rolling on time and we slept in our cabin again.
Most common translations: engagement    exchange    extensive    farewell    festive    fist    focus    found    frustrated