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Translation of encore in Spanish

the encore     el bis    

Translation by Vocabulix

Sample sentences:
They dance so well that the audience always asks them for an encore.

Bailan tan bien que el público siempre les pide un bis.

So you have taken a German course in the Ghoete Institute. Well, I certainly learned something with you, and your German is already a lot better than last time. I think we really did it.
I wanted to ask whether you would like to help in another English - Spanish project. The dictionary has around 10,000 -20,000 entries and many of them do not have sample sentences. We need to add sentences to give users more background.
What are you doing? I'm at work. It is so boring and my boss is not here. Yesterday I was here until midnight, because we had problems with the PC system. Then we ordered pizza and a few beers.
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