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Translation of enervate in Spanish

to enervate     enervar    

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On the drive into the city center we were a little shocked by the amount of motorcycles, by the pollution and stress in that city. After only two days in a small village we forgot how it was.
The next temple was around forty five minutes away. Its name was Beng Melea. It was placed on a hugh area covered with trees and plans. The buildings of the temple were surrounded by nature.
I have another question to you: How old are you? You look very young on your picture. Your life sounds really interesting but I cannot imagine how it is to live there. Is it safe there?
Most common translations: except    expropriate    far    fertile    fisherman    flyer    forward    fruitful    gaseous   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of enervate   [ enervated, enervated ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of enervar
enervo  enervas  enerva  enervamos  enerváis  enervan  enervaba  enervabas  enervaba  enervábamos  enervabais  enervaban  enervé  enervaste  enervó  enervamos  enervasteis  enervaron  enervaré  enervarás  enervará  enervaremos  enervaréis  enervarán