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Translation of enormous in Spanish

enormous     enorme    

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Sample sentences:
He has enormous power over her, who does nothing without previously consulting him.

Él tiene un enorme poder sobre ella, que no hace nada sin consultarlo previamente con él.
Some dinosaurs were enormous; bigger than most animals today excepting the blue whale. Algunos dinosaurios eran enormes, más grandes que la mayoría de los animales de hoy a excepción de la ballena azul.
Rainforests have an enormous diversity of animals and plants. Las selvas tropicales tienen una enorme diversidad de animales y plantas.

My family is doing well except for my youngest daughter. She is a little ill and needs to visit many doctors. She has had several infections lately, but nothing dangerous, so we are not too worried.
The jet lag could be felt. We entered the floating village. People were actually living in boat houses and most of them seemed very poor. Their main income source was fishing and tourism.
The next morning, we got up at 5, had breakfast and headed back to the same airport where we landed a few hours earlier. The 1 hour flight was packed with lots of tourists of all ages, mainly Americans.
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