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Translation of erode in Spanish

to erode     erosionar    

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to erode erosionar

We wanted to take a hot shower but there was no hot water at all. We asked someone to fix it and he showed us that there was a heating switch outside the bathroom which would turn on the boiler.
Well I take Spanish classes in college, that's the only useful language they offer, but if they had French I would be taking French. It sounds so nice. I have been lazy lately and I'm not really good at it.
A band was playing Peruvian music while we were waiting for our luggage. The altitude is immediately felt: Dark blue skies and thin air, which won't let you climb stairs without having to take a few breaks.
Most common translations: exceptional    exquisite    faraway    fertilize    fishy    foal    fossil    fruitlessly    gasoline    girder   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of erode   [ eroded, eroded ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of erosionar
erosiono  erosionas  erosiona  erosionamos  erosionáis  erosionan  erosionaba  erosionabas  erosionaba  erosionábamos  erosionabais  erosionaban  erosioné  erosionaste  erosionó  erosionamos  erosionasteis  erosionaron  erosionaré  erosionarás  erosionará  erosionaremos  erosionaréis  erosionarán