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Translation of exactly in Spanish

exactly     exactamente    ; justamente    

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Sample sentences:
These two dresses look exactly the same, but one costs twice as much as the other.

Estos dos vestidos son exactamente iguales, pero uno cuesta el doble que el otro.
exactly efectivamente
exactly con exactitud

The four of us ate dinner at this cozy place. As always, we ate meat. After desert we headed to a night club, when my wife started to feel a little dizzy. She blamed the wine, but i had a bad feeling.
The jet lag could be felt. We entered the floating village. People were actually living in boat houses and most of them seemed very poor. Their main income source was fishing and tourism.
I gotta tell you, that I am not really good at it. I've just passed the first lesson and I had more than 35 mistakes, out of 25 words, funny isn't it. What languages do you speak? Write me soon please.
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