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Translation of express in Spanish

to express      expresar     
to express     expresar    ; manifestar    

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Sample sentences:
I want to express my profound gratitude to the doctor who saved my life.

Quiero expresar mi profundo agradecimiento al doctor que me salvó la vida.
She wanted to express her discontent over her purchase to the manager of the store. Quiso manifestar su descontento con su compra al gerente de la tienda.
It is important to express one's ideas with clarity. Es importante expresar las ideas con claridad.

I would also like to talk to you via VOIP. I have installed Messanger on one of our laptops. I was wondering if you received my last email that I sent last weekend or so. It contained a few images of our home, state and family.
I want to learn German, Please assist me! my name is Ina from Peru, i know English and Spanish too. What do you want to learn here? I do not have skype if you want to chat. Hasta luego mi amigo.
Although it was a beautiful region and a very lovely town it reminded me to much of home and I decided that I wanted to move on. We called Aerolinias Argentinas very early to book a flight for the same day.
Most common translations: fit    furthermore    graph    helicopter    image    jellyfish    left    maintain    mistake    nine hundred   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of express   [ expressed, expressed ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of expresar
expreso  expresas  expresa  expresamos  expresáis  expresan  expresaba  expresabas  expresaba  expresábamos  expresabais  expresaban  expresé  expresaste  expresó  expresamos  expresasteis  expresaron  expresaré  expresarás  expresará  expresaremos  expresaréis  expresarán 
Conjugation of manifestar
manifiesto  manifiestas  manifiesta  manifestamos  manifestáis  manifiestan  manifestaba  manifestabas  manifestaba  manifestábamos  manifestabais  manifestaban  manifesté  manifestaste  manifestó  manifestamos  manifestasteis  manifestaron  manifestaré  manifestarás  manifestará  manifestaremos  manifestaréis  manifestarán