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Translation of exude in Spanish

to exude     exudar    

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Sample sentences:
The young man exuded manhood.

El joven exudada virilidad.

We wanted to take a hot shower but there was no hot water at all. We asked someone to fix it and he showed us that there was a heating switch outside the bathroom which would turn on the boiler.
A year later we decided to make another trip. We have both been to Mexico and to Cuba, and the year before we were in South America, where we have visited several countries for five weeks.
At midnight, after taking a quick shower we went to a local bar to eat a steak. The food and the wine were excellent. We were really happy that after the long journey we made it to this place.
Most common translations: fatten    fierce    flashy    forage    fraudulent    furrier    generalize    gloat    graduated    groom   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of exude   [ exuded, exuded ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of exudar
exudo  exudas  exuda  exudamos  exudáis  exudan  exudaba  exudabas  exudaba  exudábamos  exudabais  exudaban  exudé  exudaste  exudó  exudamos  exudasteis  exudaron  exudaré  exudarás  exudará  exudaremos  exudaréis  exudarán