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Translation of falter in Spanish

to falter      vacilar     

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Next winter I'm going to Spain, where i hope to study Spanish. It's easy to visit Germany. Munich is a big city in Bayern...It's a nice city. Lot's of restaurants, nice buildings, a lake nearby and really friendly people.
I wish you a good trip, when you come to Germany in June! How do you long stay in Berlin? Please help me with my English, in return I will help you with your German. Wish you a nice day!
Many thanks for your letter. I am delighted to tell you that I have passed my exams and am looking forward to the next year. Meanwhile I am planning a trip to Costa Rica and some places around there.
Most common translations: felony    firecracker    flowerpot    formidable    from    gape    getaway    gravel    guillotine   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of falter   [ faltered, faltered ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of vacilar
vacilo  vacilas  vacila  vacilamos  vaciláis  vacilan  vacilaba  vacilabas  vacilaba  vacilábamos  vacilabais  vacilaban  vacilé  vacilaste  vaciló  vacilamos  vacilasteis  vacilaron  vacilaré  vacilarás  vacilará  vacilaremos  vacilaréis  vacilarán