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Translation of figure in Spanish

the figure     la figura    

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Sample sentences:
They are learning to calculate the perimeter of the geometrical figures.

Están aprendiendo a calcular el perímetro de las figuras geométricas.
You can trust these figures because this report is completely trustworthy. Puede confiar en estas cifras porque este informe es totalmente fiable.
to make up; to figure; to imagine imaginar; inventar
to work out; to figure out; to sort out arreglar
to figure out pensar

He did not understand what we meant, as he claimed that our team won 2-1. It was then that I found out that I had missed a goal when I was in the bathroom and my wife forgot to tell me about it.
We kept asking people how long the walk was and it seemed to stay half an hour even though we past half of it. On the way up, a group of children were playing traditional music for the tourists.
I actually wrote you earlier, but everything got erased when I accidentally closed my browser window. Anyway, you want to know about the Germany. I can send you some information and send you some links.
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