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Translation of find in Spanish

to find      encontrar     
to find     hallar    ; localizar    

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Sample sentences:
Some people find transgenic food unacceptable.

Algunas personas consideran inaceptables los alimentos transgénicos.
I couldn't find that part in any store, but a turner made it for me. No pude encontrar el repuesto en ninguna tienda, pero un tornero me lo hizo.
He behaves in a suave way that I find hypocritical. Él se comporta de una manera suave que me parece hipócrita.
to find out; discover enterarse de
to find out; to prove comprobar
to find out; to learn enterarse
to find out, prove comprobar
to find out (a) averiguar
to find a job colocarse
to find out entrarse
find encontrar(1)
find lograr

Sorry, I don't know but I have asked some friends for help. Hope they will answer soon! Where did you find this sentence? He's originally from Scotland, so I hope you can understand his accent.
Next week I will go with my girlfriend to our local market. There is a nice party there, similar to the "Oktoberfest" in Munich. There you can have party and we want to drink some beer and dance on the tables.
We found someone to fix our tire in Villa La Angostura, a village on the other side of the lake. We also ate lunch there and enjoyed the atmosphere of this little town, before moving on to the seven lakes drive.
Most common translations: frog    gracious    headlight    hurt    irresponsible    lawn    luxury    mind    never    oregano   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of find   [ found, found ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of encontrar
encuentro  encuentras  encuentra  encontramos  encontráis  encuentran  encontraba  encontrabas  encontraba  encontrábamos  encontrabais  encontraban  encontré  encontraste  encontró  encontramos  encontrasteis  encontraron  encontraré  encontrarás  encontrará  encontraremos  encontraréis  encontrarán 
Conjugation of hallar
hallo  hallas  halla  hallamos  halláis  hallan  hallaba  hallabas  hallaba  hallábamos  hallabais  hallaban  hallé  hallaste  halló  hallamos  hallasteis  hallaron  hallaré  hallarás  hallará  hallaremos  hallaréis  hallarán