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Translation of fine in Spanish

to fine     multar    
the fine     la multa    
fine     bueno    ; fina    ; fino    

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Sample sentences:
He told his mama that everything was fine.

Le dijo a su mamá que todo estaba bien.
The doctor reassured her that her son was fine. El médico la tranquilizó asegurándole que su hijo estaba bien.
You have a very fine crystal chandelier in your dining room. Tiene una araña de cristal muy fina en su comedor.
I'm fine, thanks Yo bien, gracias
fine de perlas

Situated in the middle of Angkor Thom is the Bayon pyramid where the movie was filmed. We went inside and climbed up this huge and ancient structure. The pyramid displayed many faces carved into its stones.
I am learning Spanish in university but I also have to improve it for private reasons. Do you have any suggestions. It is giving me a hard time lately as it is difficult. I need to be very patient.
We blamed the sandwich which we had eaten a day earlier for lunch in Bolivia for the stomach ache of my wife. She became very weak and she had to stay in the hotel for two entire days.
Most common translations: front    graduate    heal    hymn    isolated    lawyer    macaroni    mineral water    nevertheless    organized   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of fine   [ fined, fined ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of multar
multo  multas  multa  multamos  multáis  multan  multaba  multabas  multaba  multábamos  multabais  multaban  multé  multaste  multó  multamos  multasteis  multaron  multaré  multarás  multará  multaremos  multaréis  multarán