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Translation of flatten in Spanish

to flatten     achatar    ; allanar    ; aplanar    

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Sample sentences:
The ground was flattened with the bulldozer.

Aplanaron el terreno con la aplanadora.

We wanted to take a hot shower but there was no hot water at all. We asked someone to fix it and he showed us that there was a heating switch outside the bathroom which would turn on the boiler.
We drank our heroically acquired beverage and left the farm heading back to the port. Back at the port we returned to our cab and drove to the hotel. We were simply too tired and needed to rest a little.
We checked in at the Hotel de Paris, a small hotel owned by a friendly, old lady. Our rooms were OK, but we asked to be transferred to the newer part of the hotel. The stomach ache of my wife did not disappear.
Most common translations: force    freckle    furthermore    generation    gloom    graft    gross    hairless    haste    helicopter   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of flatten   [ flattened, flattened ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of achatar
achato  achatas  achata  achatamos  achatáis  achatan  achataba  achatabas  achataba  achatábamos  achatabais  achataban  achaté  achataste  acható  achatamos  achatasteis  achataron  achataré  achatarás  achatará  achataremos  achataréis  achatarán 
Conjugation of allanar
allano  allanas  allana  allanamos  allanáis  allanan  allanaba  allanabas  allanaba  allanábamos  allanabais  allanaban  allané  allanaste  allanó  allanamos  allanasteis  allanaron  allanaré  allanarás  allanará  allanaremos  allanaréis  allanarán 
Conjugation of aplanar
aplano  aplanas  aplana  aplanamos  aplanáis  aplanan  aplanaba  aplanabas  aplanaba  aplanábamos  aplanabais  aplanaban  aplané  aplanaste  aplanó  aplanamos  aplanasteis  aplanaron  aplanaré  aplanarás  aplanará  aplanaremos  aplanaréis  aplanarán