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Translation of fluctuate in Spanish

to fluctuate     fluctuar    

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I'm Ricky. I am learning English at school here in Switzerland and at the same time I am learning Italian. You writing skills are very good. Where did you go on your last vacation? See you next week.
I wish you also a successful and happy 2008. On New Year's Eve I was here in Costa Rica and I've looked after my 6 weeks old daughter, no holiday in sight. She is not sleeping well at night yet.
I am glad that you accepted my offer. I would like to write letters and emails in English and if you want you can write back to me in German. I want to correct your German and so we will both get better.
Most common translations: formulate    frond    garden    ghetto    godforsaken    gravitate    guitar    handshake    headquarters    heterogeneous   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of fluctuate   [ fluctuated, fluctuated ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of fluctuar
fluctúo  fluctúas  fluctúa  fluctuamos  fluctuáis  fluctúan  fluctuaba  fluctuabas  fluctuaba  fluctuábamos  fluctuabais  fluctuaban  fluctué  fluctuaste  fluctuó  fluctuamos  fluctuasteis  fluctuaron  fluctuaré  fluctuarás  fluctuará  fluctuaremos  fluctuaréis  fluctuarán