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Translation of France in Spanish

France      Francia     

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Sample sentences:
He is very rich and has a beautiful chateau in France.

Es muy rico y tiene un hermoso castillo en Francia.
The Sanctuary of Lourdes, in France, is much visited by believers. El Santuario de Lourdes, en Francia, es muy visitado por los creyentes.
Brittany used to be a kingdom before it united with France in the XVI century. Bretaña era un reino antes de unirse a Francia en el siglo XVI.
France French Francia
France la Francia
France Francia

Getting to the door and skipping the entire line, we started to chat with some guy from New York, and by coincidence we found out, that he had good connections in this club and could help us getting in.
We arrived at the hotel which we booked in advance but decided not to stay there. Instead the driver convinced us to stay at the Borei Angkor Hotel. We were sure that he would get a sales commission.
Fortunately and against all odds there were seats available so that we changed our booking to the same day. Our destination was El Calafate in the South of Patagonia in order to see the glaciers.
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