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Translation of frequently in Spanish

frequently     frecuentemente    

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Sample sentences:
Onomatopoeia appears frequently in English words, mostly in words referring to sounds.

La onomatopeya aparece con frecuencia en las palabras en inglés, sobre todo en las palabras que se refieren a sonidos.
The Caribbean is frequently hit by tropical cyclones. El Caribe se ve afectado frecuentemente por ciclones.
frequently frecuentemente; con frequencia
frequently con frecuencia

You can stay at my place as much as you like, and it does not cause me any trouble. I love guests. Cool, I guess, and sorry I didn't get back to you in time due to tight schedule. Hope to hear from you soon, best regards from NYC in the US.
We were not the only tourists, there were a many boats sailing on the same route. At one point the driver stopped the boat and immediately children of the village people approached us.
Although we shared the ruins with about 3000 other tourists, it still left an amazing impression.
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