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Translation of grant in Spanish

to grant     conceder    ; otorgar    
the grant     la beca    

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Sample sentences:
He was granted the right to see his children twice a week.

Se le concedió el derecho a ver a sus hijos dos veces por semana.
The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution grants religion freedom to the country's inhabitants. La Primera Enmienda de la Constitución de EE.UU. otorga libertad religiosa para los habitantes del país.
to provide; to resolve; to grant proveer
to grant; to give conceder
to award, grant otorgar
to grant otorgar

Although it was only one thirty we had already seen a lot. The ones who tell you that you could stay there for a week and not see everything are actually right. The entire region is vast.
It was very amusing and were authentic. We approached the top of the hill and saw the temple for the first time. Actually one could not see the temple, just the people standing on it.
Thank you for your answer, your English is better than my Spanish. I live in Liverpool in Great Britain, that is a town around 300 kilometers north of London. My wife and I have 4 children.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of grant   [ granted, granted ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of conceder
concedo  concedes  concede  concedemos  concedéis  conceden  concedía  concedías  concedía  concedíamos  concedíais  concedían  concedí  concediste  concedió  concedimos  concedisteis  concedieron  concederé  concederás  concederá  concederemos  concederéis  concederán 
Conjugation of otorgar
otorgo  otorgas  otorga  otorgamos  otorgáis  otorgan  otorgaba  otorgabas  otorgaba  otorgábamos  otorgabais  otorgaban  otorgué  otorgaste  otorgó  otorgamos  otorgasteis  otorgaron  otorgaré  otorgarás  otorgará  otorgaremos  otorgaréis  otorgarán