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Translation of guard in Spanish

to guard     custodiar    
the guard     el centinela    
the guard     celador    ; el vigilante    

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Sample sentences:
The guard did not let them in.

El guardia no los dejó entrar.
There was a leprechaun who guarded a big pot full of gold. Había un duende que custodiaba una olla grande llena de oro.
The Pope is protected by the Swiss Guard at the Vatican. El Papa está protegido por la Guardia Suiza en el Vaticano.
guard; put away (money); keep guardar
security guard vigilante jurado

There one could find everything from shoes to jewelry, from food to electric equipment, such as cheap old TVs or ventilators. Inside the market there was a very bad smell so that we did not stay.
Try to speak and think in English every time. I have just returned from Europe where I spent a month on holiday. My wife Susan and I went to Barcelona, Madrid and Paris, where we saw lots of beautiful things.
Instead, we gave him one of our Swiss chocolates as a gift so he would leave us alone. It worked: the boy went to the couple sitting next to us and tried to sell our Swiss chocolate for 2 Pesos.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of guard   [ guarded, guarded ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of custodiar
custodio  custodias  custodia  custodiamos  custodiáis  custodian  custodiaba  custodiabas  custodiaba  custodiábamos  custodiabais  custodiaban  custodié  custodiaste  custodió  custodiamos  custodiasteis  custodiaron  custodiaré  custodiarás  custodiará  custodiaremos  custodiaréis  custodiarán