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Translation of guilt in Spanish

the guilt     la culpa    ; la culpabilidad    

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Sample sentences:
The robber was forced to admit his guilt when he was shown the security film.

El ladrón se vio obligado a admitir su culpabilidad cuando le mostraron la película de seguridad.

There one could find everything from shoes to jewelry, from food to electric equipment, such as cheap old TVs or ventilators. Inside the market there was a very bad smell so that we did not stay.
I understand that you use the article 'die' when talking about a feminine object, das when the subject is neutral, and der when talking about a masculine object. But how can you remember all these?
Than we took a cab to the actual border crossing. In the cab we took gave a ride to another tourist and with some scary Peruvian guy, who had a bag full of faked CDs. He didn't seem too nice and had many scarves.
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