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Translation of handbag in Spanish

the handbag      el bolso     
the handbag     la bolsa    ; la cartera    

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Sample sentences:
The man snatched her handbag from her and ran away.

El hombre le arrebató el bolso y echó a correr.
handbag bolso

We had three more days and the city which was plenty of time if not even too much. It is true that this city is unique and that you can spend there over a month, but we started to miss the countryside.
After ten minutes and after drinking a bottle of water we returned to our place. It was already three in the morning. We were unhappy to miss a great party, but our physical conditions were bad.
I did not feel well that night and we decided to stay in our room. My wife brought me fresh take away salad. We were exhausted from our day and watching a movie was the right thing to do.
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