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Translation of imbecile in Spanish

the imbecile     el imbécil    
imbecile     imbécil    

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Sample sentences:
The imbecile did everything wrong and made us lose a lot of money.

El imbécil hizo todo mal y nos hizo perder mucho dinero.

I thought it was great to hear from you. I would love to help you to learn Spanish. I'll write in English and you tell me the Spanish translation. I think that you're good enough for that exercise.
I grew up in Angola, but now I'm in Hanover, not far from your border town. I used to study at the university in Boston, Massachusetts. I have graduated from MIT, which is the technology institute.
I'm helping you with Spanish and you can help me with English. How did you teach yourself the grammar? Here in Zurich it has being raining for 5 days and we have spent most of the time in front of the TV.
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