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Translation of implicate in Spanish

to implicate     implicar    

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Sample sentences:
He was implicated in the burglary.

Él estuvo implicado en el robo.
involve; implicate implicarse
involve; implicate impliarse

It means a lot to me to participate and meet other people in this Internet forum. I'll know later if I can move my appointment in order to get together with our visitors from Canada.
If I look at dictionaries they do not give long sentences, only specific words and their meaning when they are used in a compounded form, which by the way can mean something totally different than when used by themselves.
I was very lazy, and I've preferred conversation in German... so that is why I do not learn English anymore, I sometimes chat with friends from London. see ya soon. Anja.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of implicar
implico  implicas  implica  implicamos  implicáis  implican  implicaba  implicabas  implicaba  implicábamos  implicabais  implicaban  impliqué  implicaste  implicó  implicamos  implicasteis  implicaron  implicaré  implicarás  implicará  implicaremos  implicaréis  implicarán