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Translation of incapacitate in Spanish

to incapacitate     incapacitar    

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We were a little worried about the entry to Vietnam because regulations specifically mentioned to leave two blank pages in the passport for the Visa stamp and my wife's passport was full.
There we only few tourist visiting this site and the entire setting of the jungle around all structures gave it a very adventurous feeling. Roots of trees were actually covering the walls of the buildings
These are very nice birds. What kind of birds are these? I have a little cat and she is so cute, I just love him. I hope that you have a nice week. Here the weather is very good, a lot of sun.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of incapacitate   [ incapacitated, incapacitated ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of incapacitar
incapacito  incapacitas  incapacita  incapacitamos  incapacitáis  incapacitan  incapacitaba  incapacitabas  incapacitaba  incapacitábamos  incapacitabais  incapacitaban  incapacité  incapacitaste  incapacitó  incapacitamos  incapacitasteis  incapacitaron  incapacitaré  incapacitarás  incapacitará  incapacitaremos  incapacitaréis  incapacitarán