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Translation of infect in Spanish

to infect     contagiar    ; infeccionar    ; infectar    

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Sample sentences:
Don't pinch your pimples; they might get infected.

No te pellizques los granos, pueden infectarse.

When we got our room at the Rex we were shocked once again. The room had a terrible smell of cigarettes and we insisted on moving. The next room they gave us was a non-smoking room.
There we only few tourist visiting this site and the entire setting of the jungle around all structures gave it a very adventurous feeling. Roots of trees were actually covering the walls of the buildings
I'm writing you in English because I don't have a lot of time and writing in German will take me a long time. Just a few corrections: you can not say in English How you do, you need to say How do you do...
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of infect   [ infected, infected ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of contagiar
contagio  contagias  contagia  contagiamos  contagiáis  contagian  contagiaba  contagiabas  contagiaba  contagiábamos  contagiabais  contagiaban  contagié  contagiaste  contagió  contagiamos  contagiasteis  contagiaron  contagiaré  contagiarás  contagiará  contagiaremos  contagiaréis  contagiarán 
Conjugation of infeccionar
infecciono  infeccionas  infecciona  infeccionamos  infeccionáis  infeccionan  infeccionaba  infeccionabas  infeccionaba  infeccionábamos  infeccionabais  infeccionaban  infeccioné  infeccionaste  infeccionó  infeccionamos  infeccionasteis  infeccionaron  infeccionaré  infeccionarás  infeccionará  infeccionaremos  infeccionaréis  infeccionarán 
Conjugation of infectar
infecto  infectas  infecta  infectamos  infectáis  infectan  infectaba  infectabas  infectaba  infectábamos  infectabais  infectaban  infecté  infectaste  infectó  infectamos  infectasteis  infectaron  infectaré  infectarás  infectará  infectaremos  infectaréis  infectarán