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Translation of inoculate in Spanish

to inoculate     inocular    

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We felt a little dumb and waited for the hot water. The boiler seemed not to work and we started to become upset. We asked the technician to come once again and he admitted his mistake.
I am doing nothing at the moment, i am just watching TV... what kind of TV shows do you like? I'm sorry but i don't have Skype, but I guess we can still stay in touch like this, using the Vocabulix chat system.
From there we flew on a day flight to Lima, Peru. We landed around 6 pm, it was already dark. From the airport we took a cab to our hotel (Hotel Carmel) in Miraflores, a beautiful, modern neighborhood.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of inoculate   [ inoculated, inoculated ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of inocular
inoculo  inoculas  inocula  inoculamos  inoculáis  inoculan  inoculaba  inoculabas  inoculaba  inoculábamos  inoculabais  inoculaban  inoculé  inoculaste  inoculó  inoculamos  inoculasteis  inocularon  inocularé  inocularás  inoculará  inocularemos  inocularéis  inocularán