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Translation of invite in Spanish

to invite      invitar     
to invite     convidar    ; invitar    

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Sample sentences:
She was invited to a cotillion.

La invitaron a un cotillón.
I have invited that lassie to the dance. Invité a esa chica al baile.
They are invited to a banquet in honor of the President. Están invitados a un banquete en honor del Presidente.
to invite to convidar a
to invite to invitar a

Anyway, when we came back to the hotel the doorman asked us how the game was and we replied that we rather would have seen our team winning and that a draw has always something disappointing.
The trip was coming to an end. We were driving to the airport knowing that we had to fly 12-hour to Spain, than a break in Spain for of around 6 hours and than the rest 4 hours, a total of 22 hours.
Please tell me more about you and I would love to chat with you in either English or German. My phone number is ++++++. Please call me during the evening hours. Looking forward and take care
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of invite   [ invited, invited ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of convidar
convido  convidas  convida  convidamos  convidáis  convidan  convidaba  convidabas  convidaba  convidábamos  convidabais  convidaban  convidé  convidaste  convidó  convidamos  convidasteis  convidaron  convidaré  convidarás  convidará  convidaremos  convidaréis  convidarán 
Conjugation of invitar
invito  invitas  invita  invitamos  invitáis  invitan  invitaba  invitabas  invitaba  invitábamos  invitabais  invitaban  invité  invitaste  invitó  invitamos  invitasteis  invitaron  invitaré  invitarás  invitará  invitaremos  invitaréis  invitarán