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Translation of isolate in Spanish

to isolate     aislar    

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It means a lot to me to participate and meet other people in this Internet forum. I'll know later if I can move my appointment in order to get together with our visitors from Canada.
If you do not want it, I understand since it is really little at the moment. But on the other hand, it is only 15 seconds to translate these short messages. Which link did you use?
I agree with you that small cars are often very beautiful, such as Fiat and Skoda, however, bigger cars are safer. I think that old, used cars are usually unsafe. The safety standard changes all the time.
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Conjugation of aislar
aíslo  aíslas  aísla  aislamos  aisláis  aíslan  aislaba  aislabas  aislaba  aislábamos  aislabais  aislaban  aislé  aislaste  aisló  aislamos  aislasteis  aislaron  aislaré  aislarás  aislará  aislaremos  aislaréis  aislarán