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Translation of it in Spanish

it     lo    ; la    ; ello    ; él    

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Sample sentences:
Your blouse is lovely, where did you buy it?

Tu blusa es hermosa, ¿dónde la compraste?
I wrote something wrong; may I borrow your eraser to correct it? Escribí algo mal, ¿me prestas tu goma de borrar para corregirlo?
The telephone is ringing; could you please answer it? El teléfono está sonando, ¿podrías atenderlo por favor?
it is drizzling llovizna; está lloviznando
It is delicious Esto está delicioso(1)
it is raining está lloviendo; llueve
It's cold outside Hace frío fuera
it is snowing está nevando; nieva
it is raining llueve; esta lloviendo
It's very cold. Hace muy frío(1)
it had learned había aprendido
it tastes good(bad) sabe bien(mal)

One of my favorite seasons is the winter, the time in which everything is white and bright. But even though I like this time of the year a part of me detests it because of it may drawbacks.
Entire communities are blamed for a crime committed by one of its members. Wrong ideas could quickly be spread to other villages and there could be acts of revenge resulting in further mistrust.
Usually I do not care too much about not getting change, but when you pay a 3 dollar ride with 50 dollars, you do actually expect change. We stood there for a while and neither of us knew what to do.
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