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Translation of leopard in Spanish

the leopard     el leopardo    

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Sample sentences:
Cheetahs are animals that look like leopards but are faster than them.

Los guepardos son animales que se parecen a los leopardos, pero son más rápidos que ellos.
Jaguars look like leopards but are indigenous to America. Los jaguares se parecen a los leopardos pero son autóctonos de América.
Ocelots look like leopards but are much smaller. Los ocelotes se parecen a los leopardos pero son mucho más pequeños.

HOLA is Spanish and means hi, doesn't it? How is life in Brazil, is it really as dangerous as they say in the TV? Maybe you can tell me a little bit of your country, in Spanish, then I can correct your sentences!
Once at the top we asked ourselves what this was all about. The site from the top was beautiful but it lacked atmosphere and the sunset was not that spectacular at all in our opinion.
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