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Translation of little in Spanish

the little     el poco    
little     pequeño    ; poco    
little     poquito    

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Sample sentences:
Heidi's grandfather lived in a little house atop the mountain.

El abuelo de Heidi vivía en una casa pequeña en la cima de la montaña.
She collected nutshells to make little toy boats. Juntaba las cáscaras de nuez para hacer pequeños barquitos de juguete.
My little daughter is prone to throat infections. Mi hijita es propensa a las infecciones de garganta.
finger; index finger; little finger dedo
A little more? ¿Un poco más?
Little Frog Falls Salto El sapito(1)
small; little pequeño(1)
small, little pequeño
little doll muñequita
small little chico chica

Although it was only one thirty we had already seen a lot. The ones who tell you that you could stay there for a week and not see everything are actually right. The entire region is vast.
Nice to meet you. I am learning English but my English is very bad, we could exchange messages in Spanish. I have got all the chat applications on my laptop. Sorry again for writing with many mistakes.
Originally we planned to stay in Santiago for one day but due to her illness we prolonged our stay for two days. I walked around the city by myself, always staying close to the hotel.
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