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Translation of loose in Spanish

loose     flojo    
loose     suelto    

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Sample sentences:
This dress is too loose, it should be tighter.

Este vestido está muy flojo, debería estar más ajustado.
I will fix the doorknob because it's loose. Voy a arreglar la perilla de la puerta porque está floja.
to loose perder
loose suelto

Although it was only one thirty we had already seen a lot. The ones who tell you that you could stay there for a week and not see everything are actually right. The entire region is vast.
Due to jet lag (for us it was 10p.m.) we could not sleep, so we stayed at the airport until the morning where we had to take a flight around 8a.m. The destination was Siem Reap in Cambodia.
In the afternoon we went to the Cerro Catedral which is a small mountain not far (30 minutes) from the city. You can either climb up or take the chair lift. We chose the second option.
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