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Translation of make a note in Spanish

to make a note      apuntar     
to make a note      anotar     

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You can stay at my place as much as you like, and it does not cause me any trouble. I love guests. Cool, I guess, and sorry I didn't get back to you in time due to tight schedule. Hope to hear from you soon, best regards from NYC in the US.
We can try it out tonight, if you want, we just have to find the right hour. Peru is 5 hours behind Switzerland. So I'll just pay a visit to Peru in order to travel around and see the architecture.
My daughter is 12 years old and my son is 6. They are both in school. It is so beautiful to see them grow up, but time passes too fast. I wish you also a lot of happiness. Best wishes form Austria.
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Conjugation of anotar
anoto  anotas  anota  anotamos  anotáis  anotan  anotaba  anotabas  anotaba  anotábamos  anotabais  anotaban  anoté  anotaste  anotó  anotamos  anotasteis  anotaron  anotaré  anotarás  anotará  anotaremos  anotaréis  anotarán 
Conjugation of apuntar
apunto  apuntas  apunta  apuntamos  apuntáis  apuntan  apuntaba  apuntabas  apuntaba  apuntábamos  apuntabais  apuntaban  apunté  apuntaste  apuntó  apuntamos  apuntasteis  apuntaron  apuntaré  apuntarás  apuntará  apuntaremos  apuntaréis  apuntarán