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Translation of massacre in Spanish

to massacre     masacrar    
the massacre     la masacre    

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Sample sentences:
He is the man who massacred fifteen people at the mall.

Él es el hombre que masacró a quince personas en el centro comercial.
The infantry was massacred in that battle. En esa batalla la infantería fue masacrada.

When we landed in Ho Chi Minh city I immediately perceived that the building, houses and structures in the airport had a Russian or a communist influence: large, concrete, grey buildings all over.
We were not the only tourists, there were a many boats sailing on the same route. At one point the driver stopped the boat and immediately children of the village people approached us.
We woke up very early because we wanted to continue to Bariloche in Argentina. We bought some food and sat down by the lake to eat a breakfast sandwich. It was so foggy that we could not see the volcano.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of massacre   [ massacred, massacred ]